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The film focuses specifically on the futures of commodities. They are purchase and sell contracts for commodities set at the current price but implemented on a date in the future. This video offers examples. An example is that of coffee. Since years the price of coffee and, more specifically, coffee beans have been observed. It is possible to find coffee at a higher price at big retailers. Due to global imports, most people think that the price of coffee will continue to go upwards. People invest in the market as they believe that the price will rise. Commodities futures is an agreement with two parties to trade the exchange of a certain type of commodity. In this instance, coffee. This exchange will be for cash for this particular case, but it does not always need to be. While the exchange could take place at a future date, it won’t be more expensive than required to sustain a market that’s expanding. The benefits of doing this don’t always outweigh the negatives. Some people are mistaken when they say the value of a product will increase. Some people will put money into a huge investment and then sign a contract and then lose the funds. bry8dceifr.

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