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Hair grows from nearly every body part. Hair grows from hair follicles. They can be as densely packed as 100 hair follicles. But for men in particular, hair follicles can stop growing. Many of us spend a full year trying to improve our hair. The soles of our feet the lips of our feet, as well as our palms are places that do not grow hair. Because of the natural existence, the hair follicles stop producing hair. It could be due to many different causes. Hair follicles cease to produce hair. They shut down the hormone and then comes back. The hairline’s follicles as well as the top of the hair gradually cease to produce hair. The hair of the past will stop expanding once they’re gone. Doctors found it possible to cut hair follicles in one area and move them elsewhere. The surgeons would take small pieces of skin, and insert these into hairless regions according to a particular pattern. You can watch this video in order to find out more details. 93gnrs5sdl.

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