Pros and Cons of Soil Remediation Methods – Concordia Research

There are numerous options to soil remediation. Each method has its advantages and cons. One method that could be used is soil vapor extraction, or SVE. Subsurface contaminants are removed by vapour using vacuums that are powerful. Though this procedure is common, it has both pros and cons. This is the least maintenance-intensive. This method can be operated this cost-effectively. The method you choose isn’t suitable for soil that is coarse. Another option is electrical Resistance Heating, or ERH. Like SVE it has pros and cons to this one too. Subsurface soils can be heated with electricity or contamination. This is a very efficient method regardless of the geological environment. This method is equally effective above as below ground. This technique has some disadvantages. It needs specialized equipment. This method is complex. Next is the chemical oxidation. It is extremely quick and offers many advantages. This video provides additional details if you’re interested. 7rezxgmu6f.

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