What You Need to Age Your Own Whiskey – Shopping Video

In this video, you will learn how you can create your own whiskey.

Before that, we’ll provide an overview of the size of the barrel and how it impacts the aging process. A typical barrel to mature will weigh 53 Gallons. The barrel’s size is smaller, which means that whiskey is able to reach more wood. This is the reason using one-half gallon barrels allows you to alter your whiskey within just a few short months.

The steps involved in aging whiskey by using the kit:
The funnel
should be placed on the top of your barrel.
– Pour hot drinking tap water in the barrel. The barrel then becomes waterproof. After the leaking stops then drain the water out.
Set both whiskey bottles of high-proof in the barrel.
“Top off the barrel using tap water.
Seal the bung in the barrel top, making sure that the bung is watertight.

Make sure to keep the barrel cool. Use it for tasting.

Take a sip of your whiskey after time! y6qsmic1ve.

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