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Enjoy the best game of golf.
Get Gas

Get a balanced breakfast in the morning before you hit the links. Consume at least 500 calories of a balanced diet consisting of grains as well as fruit and protein. This will ensure you have enough energy to walk through the entire day without having to fall behind in your fitness.


Golf is an outdoor activity which means you’ll be in the sun. Lack of water will affect your focus and power, so be certain to drink enough water or a sports drink each 15-minute period. Make sure you drink water before you’re thirstyor too late. Get Warm

There is nothing anyone wants to do while playing the game they enjoy. Make sure to start stretching and warming up before the game. Practice strokes against the wind could be a possibility and para-spinal stretching to loosen up your back to allow you to unleash rockets on the fairway.


It isn’t easy to play golf and you’ll probably be unable to maintain your focus at some point during the day. Try focusing for a few minutes on deep breathing if you find that you are losing concentration. It will lower the pace of your heart and reduce cortisol levels so that you can play your best.

Watch the video above to learn more about playing at your best.


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