How Road Salt is Produced – Work Flow Management

It is safe to use in cold and frozen zones. We will be looking at the manufacturing process of road salts used by the road salt producers.

Road salt is not just used to melt ice but it also prevents ice from forming on the road. When salt is ready for use , it should be extracted from caves beneath the soil’s surface. The cleaner the salt is, more pure it is. Caverns are constructed to collect salt chunks by drilling. The salt chunks are crushed down into smaller pieces.

Salt is later transported into the mill and then ground.

At the facility, the salt undergoes multiple cycles of sorting. The purpose of the sifting is to find the bigger pieces of salt that have to be broken further. Sifting has another benefit: large particles are useful as water softeners.

When the salt is cleaned and filtered, smaller pieces of salt can be used in order to guard our roads. Though the process may seem simple but there are a lot of machines involved.


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