How Maple Syrup is Made – Healthy Local Food

They are common throughout their native United States. Besides providing scenic areas to walk through they also supply us with the capacity to produce maple syrup. This video will show you how maple syrup is produced.

They can last over 100 years. Beautiful trees like these are the start of the maple syrup production process. When winter is over Arborists tap the maple tree to harvest the maple sap. It’s because the maple trees store carbohydrates from summertime to use as food during the winter when they aren’t able to produce leaves. These carbs are then absorbed into the sap and is at peak in between late winter and early spring. When sap harvesting is at its best. Another reason this time is the best is that the temperature must be in between freezing and freezing in the morning, however not below freezing at night.

The old-fashioned producers of maple syrup used to make use of buckets to collect sap. They now use tubes that take the syrup away onto a central collecting area. This procedure requires lots of sap. It actually takes 40 gallons worth of sap to produce one gallon of syrup from maple. The sap gets poured into an evaporator and will be reduced down to maple syrup.


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