How to Quickly Clean Your Dryer Ducts – Family Video Movies

The fires are caused by the U.S. Fire Administration. It is recommended that dryers are cleaned at least once a year. This can be easily accomplished DIY if you have some free time. Take a look at this video and learn how to speedily complete dryer cleaning of the duct.

Take the dryer off the wall. Unplug it. If you have a gas dryer shut off the gas valve as well. Connect the dryer duct which is in the rear side of the dryer. Then you’ll use the dryer duct kit. The standard kits include flexible rods that allow up to 12 feet of duct. You’ll attach the rods together. The rods are designed to be connected, but to ensure your safety that you are able to cover each connection with electrical tape so there’s no chances of them breaking. A rotating brush is included in the kit. On the back end, you’ll attach a power drill near the rod that is next to your. You’ll notice that lint and debris will begin to fall into the dryer duct as you move. odao32igg6.

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