Man Turns Himself in Through Facebook – Entertainment News Today

Do not be completely anonymous and in the dark. One man, however, decided to chat on Facebook with police officials. This video gives you more information about the social media crime.

Anthony Akers was wanted for failure to comply with The Department of Corrections in Washington. According to the Richland, Washington Police Department issued a message on Facebook inviting people to call them if they had any information about his whereabouts. Surprisingly enough, Akers himself contacted Police Department. Akers stated that he was going to surrender to police. However, he never showed up that day or the next day. The police department then continued with a post. He is informed that they’re not ready and then gives him their contact number and times if they need to take him. The man may need more than simply a transportation. An bail bondman may be required.

Aker answered to this email by saying that he was tying the loose ends of his story and that he will surrender within 72 hours. It never did happen. He then posted an apology, explaining that he had commitment problems. Police officers are also lovely, he states. It was an interesting exchange.


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