Poor Roofing Practices Could Lead to Injury – Free Health Videos

Exercise is a lot of fun. We don’t think often about how we decide to go about the roof. It’s risky to put up a roof and one error could cause years of suffering. Think of how many people fell off roofs or ladders and fractured their backs. It is crucial to ensure your ladder is secure anchored on the ground, and has at minimum three points of contact. In the video below, you’ll see some people that were not following this principle. Perhaps it is easier to find a commercial roofer for your needs to replace your roof.

A man is seen climbing up a ladder on his way toward the roof. The ladder wasn’t very sturdy and fell off his fingers as he made his way to the roof. The roof is now atop the roof, hands reaching towards the ladder. The man is lucky that his coworkers helped him to get back on the ladder. There could be worse.


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