Understanding Mulching – Spokane Events

There are things you should know prior to you start mulching. In this article, we will discuss some important things about mulching in this piece.

If you mulch, make sure to use about two to three inches around your yard. Three inches or more of mulching could be detrimental to the soil. It will hinder your plants to grow in the way they are supposed to. Mulch can cause plants to cease to grow if it’s excessively thick.

You should also know that mulch shouldn’t be placed on the tree’s base. The mulch should be laid around the tree for about a couple of inches. If the mulch is touching the tree, you’re leaving the tree susceptible to bug infestation and disease that could cause it to die.

The last thing you must be aware of is turning your mulch. Before you add a layer of mulch, it’s important to turn your mulch. There is a range of tools available to purchase to assist with this. This procedure brings some of the old soil and helps keep it looking fresh.


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