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the human body into an ash heap for disposal. This usually involves a burial in a coffin and the exposure to smoke from open flame.

Cremation containers are placed in cremation chambers during the funeral service. Next, cremate the body. And then, take the leftovers. Some countries choose cremation in preference to ground burial. Because cremation uses less land for interment and is therefore a better choice.

Cremation caskets may be constructed from metal, wood or any other material. The designs of caskets vary based upon the price. There are several cremation urns that come with a variety of options, such as a non-coffining design. Cremation caskets are made by manufacturers that meet certain requirements. They can be personalized with inscriptions and words.

In addition, funeral caskets typically are available in various dimensions to accommodate the body dimensions of the person who died. Crematoriums may be able to provide an urn or coffin, or recommend a local supplier of cremation caskets. The style of caskets will allow for cremation following a few days of preparation prior to the funeral.


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