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The most popular laundry room designs include choosing a double sink and an out-of-the-way faucet..

Think about how often you’ll use the sink and select the appropriate size. Be sure to consider durability, too. A stainless steel model is sturdy, however, it is very expensive, as the price is usually up to $500. Although polypropylene can be inexpensive and durable, it’s also susceptible to cracking and staining melting (above 325 F) and possibly reactions with chemicals. It’s also important that you consider your drainage as well. It’s a utilitarian sink but the act of dumping dirt or heavy solids in it can make your system clogged. Install a filter system to collect debris and solids in the drainage’s top level. Additionally, position the sink close to the washer, so moving clothing from the sink to the washer is less of an inconvenience.

2. Splash Zone

Install a backsplash to cover your counter, washing machine and dryer. This is also an opportunity to give your laundry room a touch of flair and style to keep your laundry space from looking similar to those in the nearby laundromats. You can make a statement by raising the backsplash all the towards the ceiling. Additionally, you could have your laundry area by combining pale and white , giving it peace and tranquility. There’s an array of backsplash and tile options you can incorporate in your laundry area that can make it much more than merely useful. Include some photo frames in the meantime to avoid being too utilitarian.

3. Storage Space

Storage space is one of the top features you can find in a laundry room. There are plenty of choices for storage options, like cabinets, shelves and vertical cabinets. The choice is based on the amount of space you have. If you have children, upper floating cabinets offer safe storage for bleach and laundry detergent containers. Create custom-designed cabinets of high quality with both function and design. Consider using small woven and fabric baskets for storing laundry items such as lint rollers and dryer sheets? Improve


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