Legal Careers to Pursue With a General Law Degree – Law Terminology

Certain lawyers are experts in immigration law, some require bar accreditation for law practice. However, other attorneys have a specialization in criminal law, personal injury, employment or business law.
Personal Injury Attorney

Lawyers who specialize in personal injury represent those who suffer psychological or physical injury as a result of negligence by another person. Personal injury lawyers may be either public or private sector attorneys. They also deal with negligence cases and actions of bad faith. Personal injury lawyers interview clients, analyze their needs, and prepare witness lists. They also provide legal assistance. If there’s no agreement between opposing parties the lawyer who handles personal injury will make a representation before a judge.

Attorney for Litigation

Legal counsel focuses on the resolution of clients’ disputes in courts. For cases involving property damage, discrimination in employment, product liability and defects of construction, they draft and file pleadings, as well as other legal documents. They create witness names, conduct depositions, and conduct witness interview. It is their goal to cut costs through settling cases before trials. When a case has to go to trial, they will also take care of appeals. They must be able to write, communicate, and be able to communicate effectively to qualify as a litigator lawyer.

Land Dispute Attorney

A land dispute attorney represents those who believe that they have been mistreated or injured from their neighbors. When someone has violated the rules of their property without permission, homeowners can seek out legal representation. The case of this kind tends to be complicated and require interpretations of local laws and ordinances. Land dispute lawyers can assist homeowners looking to improve their properties. Attorneys will work to ensure that plans of the property owner are in conformity to regulations regarding zoning. Additionally, they will assist with building permits, environmenta


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