What Interpersonal Psychotherapy Can Do for Your – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

S. IPT to treat depression is more effective than antidepressants alone.

IPT helps people develop skills that to use in their everyday lives in order to make them to more readily challenging emotions or stress-inducing situations. Furthermore, the sessions may help patients develop new ways of communicating to other people who can support the process.

The fundamentals of IPT is based on the theory that people experience emotion more strongly and for a longer duration than the average person simply because they are unique in their feelings and thoughts. There are people who experience the same emotions to those around them. However, each emotion has its own uniqueness. This is why emotions are unique. They can trigger thoughts which are unsettling for individuals.

IPT therapists teach clients how to talk to others so that they don’t trigger anxiety attacks. Then, it could cause them to avoid situations in which they may trigger or behave with a manner that others view as inappropriate or strange. A psychotherapist for interpersonal relationships will assist the client regardless of how they perceive them.


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