Breaking Down the Process of an Orthodontic Practice Transition – Home Town Colorado

the practice is hired by a new orthodontist who brings their current patients along with them. If an owner of an orthodontic business decides to sell their practice, an orthodontic practice transition takes place. This video will explain the process for this transition.

How to Prepare for a Orthodontic Practice Transition:
Find out the reasons for selling your procedure
Prior to that, the purpose behind the sale will be established. A seller might want to sell because of finances, health or time limitations.

Approval of the Practice
Once the reason for selling is determined and the reason for selling is determined, the next essential process is having the practice valued.

After the practice is appraised then the next thing to do is to market the method. The experts in transition look to find a buyer within or even outside of the state.

Participation of the Buyer
Once a buyer is identified The transition experts will help the buyer on an on-site visit. The buyer may contact the seller with any concerns about the treatment.

The experts in transition then request the buyer to submit a Letter of Intent if they’re considering buying the service.

If you want to sell your practice seek out experienced transition experts for an easy transition for your orthodontic practice. n74t1bdt6z.

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