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Individuals can get release from prison by using bail bonds. A bail bail is to guarantee that the person being bailed be able to attend trial, thereby creating an obligation for the bailee should they fail to return.

Bail amounts are pre-set in a specific amount for each category of offence. A judge may decide to set a lower or higher amount for bail. If the defendant isn’t present at the scheduled court time, a forfeiture hearing is scheduled and a warrant is issued. If the defendant fails to appear to the forfeiture court date or doesn’t have a valid justification, his property is forfeited to the authorities who are executing the arrest.

Bail bondsmen or bail agents make sure that they post bail on behalf of the person who is the defendant. They are charged a fee, usually 10% of bail amount, to have the privilege of putting up bail on behalf of their clients. The bondsman forfeits the bail when the defendant does not appear in court. The agent is authorized to be arrested – or to appoint an individual bounty hunter to make the arrest of – the indigent defendant.

Bail bonds can be very serious and those who are not able to pay their bail can face legal penalties. x5wefwwacm.

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