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There are many types of consultations with physicians

There are various kinds of doctor’s appointments you need to know about to ensure you’re working with an experienced doctor. The first step is to know what type of appointment your appointment will be. There are five different kinds of appointments for doctors.

A New Patient Appointment

It is a first visit to your family doctor or general practitioner (GP). Your doctor will be able to ask questions, and perform a physical exam. There may be questions as well as given a physical examination.

Visits to Follow-Up

A follow-up visit is usually scheduled around one month after your first visit. During this visit you and your GP will assess your condition and address any concerns you may have. Your doctor could also perform a follow-up check.

Contact urgent medical attention

It’s among the various types of doctor’s appointments that are suggested whenever you’re sick or injured. There is no need to book an appointment in advance. If you do not make an appointment prior to the time and you’re not sure of the time, it will take a while to see the doctor. The majority of times, you’ll be able walk into the urgent care clinic with no appointment. They will collect the information you provide and contact the doctor you normally see to tell them what happened. If you don’t are a patient of a primary doctor, they will help you in finding one.

Emergency Room Visit

Go to the emergency room as soon as you feel you are in uncontrollable circumstances. The ER can help with minor ailments and injuries immediately. If you need more extensive care, you’ll most likely have to stay in hospital for the duration of your stay.

Specialty visits to the clinic

Patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension or diabetes usually require an appointment with a specialist clinic. These visits are typically less costly than regular clinic visits.


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