A Guide to Trying Career Paths That Don’t Require a 4-Year Degree

Insider networking can be a fantastic method to network with entrepreneurs. For instance, if you’re considering starting an enterprise in the food industry, you can network with other food truck owners to get a better understanding of the business. You can also find helpful advice and podcasts online, in addition to blog posts as well as blogs.
Freelance Writer

The freelance writing profession could make a good career in the event that you’re an accomplished writer. This can be a good choice for college students as well as professional who are looking to make a change in their professions. You can work wherever you’d like, and create your own work schedule. Only a PC and an internet connection to be able to work.

As a freelancer, you have many options for creating. You can create blog posts as well as articles, or even web-based content. You can also specialize in one specific type of writing, such as writing for technical purposes or copywriting.

Begin by building the portfolio you want to submit to publications. Also, use a freelance marketplace to find customers.


You love children, and want to assist your children achieve their goals in the world. There are numerous types of teaching jobs that do not need four years of education. If, for instance, you’re skilled at teaching piano, or other instruments then you could become an instructor in music. It is also possible to be a teacher of English second languages.

There are a variety of teaching positions that do not require a degree from a four-year institution such as substitute teacher or teaching assistant. Some states allow you to get certified as a schoolteacher with no degree.

You will need training to become a teacher. Dependant on the teaching position you’re interested in there may be a requirement to obtain a certification or permit. Many resources, including lessons plans, teaching materials and even lesson plans on the internet.




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