AC 101 – House Killer

It is the system’s mainstay. It is the unit that takes cool gas, and transforms it into high-pressure, high temperature gas. The gas is then pumped into the condenser. It is the place where air flows to cool the high-pressure super-heated gas and transforms it into a liquid.

The dryer/receiver filter and eliminates pollutants, while the high-pressure liquid enters the expansion valve that turns the high-pressure liquid in to the low-pressure liquid.

A liquid with low pressure will then be heated and boiled until it becomes the gas. The heat gets absorbed by the Evaporator. The blower motor is responsible for delivering cold gas into the vehicle. It gives you all the comfort that you would expect.

When the gas is low pressure, the cycle starts the process over. A TXV control system is another important equipment. It is located at the end of the valve for expansion. The system regulates circulation of cool air continuously. The temperature at the outlet of the evaporator is the most extreme temperature and pressure. The pressure is generally 35 psi. The pressure that is higher needs to be maintained.

Click the above video for more details about an vehicle’s AC unit.


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