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much they make. The information is from the individual experience of the person who is speaking as well as information gathered from different information sources inside the automobile industry.

The person first talks about their interest in engineering. The person says that a person must have an innate love for engineering, not only wanting to be an automotive engineer in order to make cash. If all interest is the money aspect it is possible that the engineer will become bored and leave the job. Engineers must learn a lot as well as do a lot of work.

An engineer who designs transmissions collects information on every manufacturing process and provides it to the other companies for improvement. They can make anywhere from $30,000 to $72,000 per year. Glassdoor, a website that gives information on the salary for specific jobs can be a good place to start. Glassdoor provides a wide range of estimations so that job seekers can see how they could be given the most lucrative job. rcehxwq68y.

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