Hanging Shutters Outside Your Home – Great Conversation Starters

window treatments that you can install on your windows. They can also be utilized outside your home. If you are hanging shutters from the outside, there are some important details you need to know.

The very first thing you must do before hanging the shutters is to measure. You must ensure that the shutters will fit the window. The shutters must be in line with the window at the top and should be only a few inches lower than the window at the bottom. When you are making your measurements, you may require some cutting to make sure they are fitted in the way they ought to.

After you’ve measured the shutters you need to cut mounting holes. Four holes will be drilled per shutter. Create the holes ahead of time so that you can easily get the shutters into place. The pilot holes, which make use of the mounting holes for guides, constitute the final process. After the shutters are put on windows, the pilot holes are then drilled. You will have shutters when you finish this.


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