Shingle Installation Guide – Spokane Events

The ceiling should be left to dry below. In reality, installing shingles isn’t a difficult task. In this video, we will demonstrate how simple it is to set up shingles.

Before you begin beginning, you’ll need to gather some items that are likely to be required. Before starting, you must make sure you’ve got the following: a sturdy ladder, nail and glove and a drill. Also, you will need shingles, drills, felt, and drip-edge material. Of course, you will require safety equipment including the proper harness to ensure you stay firmly planted on the roof.

Place the drip edge on the roof’s edges. This is a crucial step in order to guard the siding your house from mold and mildew. Next, you will apply felt to the whole roof. It should be repeatedly anchored until it’s secure. The felt doesn’t need to look beautiful, however it should completely cover the area with roofing. The next stage is to put up the roofing shingles. They should be laid on top of the roof. Once they are down you can nail them on the roof. Be sure to make sure the shingles are properly overlapping in order to prevent any material from being exposed to the below.


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