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Minecraft mods can take Minecraft to a whole new level. For playing with your friends, however, you will need to have a powerful server. Bisect Hosting provides modded Minecraft server hosting. There’s bound to be the server for you. Be sure to keep up with the latest mods. In this video, you will know more about Alex’s Mobs mod.

The most interesting and exciting option to Alex’s Mobs includes the Catfish. Catfish live in the swamps, and are available in a variety of sizes. The larger catfishes can swallow smaller groups. So, you might discover them eating other smaller sea species. If they stumble upon an ocean cucumber or get a bucket to eat from but they might spill it. It means that you can be able to use them as a backpack. The idea isn’t practical but it’s enjoyable! One interesting idea for catfish is a catfish collection system. If you’re looking to capture sea creatures or marine life and you want to collect sea cucumbers within hoppers close by. To harvest the sea cucumbers catfish can spit out the sea creature from the inside of the hopper.


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