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The ingenuity and creativity of some people always amazes me. People seem to have the ability to make art from almost no material. One individual is known for making beautiful necklaces out of material that isn’t common. The video below shows him creating the most stunning angel wings and sword necklaces out of a bolt. This truly is amazing.

The video starts with the man working on the bolt. He decides to make use of the saw to cut it third. This creates a more compact bit of bolt. It began to become crooked when he went through the presses. So, he resorted to his plan B and melted the bolt down and then molded it. With this mold, man printed a 2D design of the wings. He then glued this design on the bolt using cutting tools to cut out details as outlined by the sketch. In the course of the video it will make that the bolt appears more like the necklace. It is made of wings that have a center that appears to be a sword. He picks a tiny ruby and puts it in the center of the wings, where they meet the sword.


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