Why Should I Get a Mattress Protector? – News Articles About Health

Even if your mattress is good quality the mattress protector may have a negative impact on your sleep. Continue reading to find out the reasons you should get an appropriate mattress protector and the benefits it could bring to your sleep.

In time, an unprotected mattress is a breeding ground for mites and bed bugs who feed off dead skin. These pests are dangerous and have detrimental impact on your health.

Let’s get started with dust mites. Dust mites are found in your mattress , and they eat dead skin. Although they don’t bite but their reaction to allergens can lead to disturbed sleep habits.

The other pest that lives in your mattress are bed bugs. Bed bugs are parasitic insect that feed on your blood, and are found in the bed. Itching, itching and infection can be caused by their bites. They can be prevented with the use of mattress protectors to keep bed bugs from making their home in your mattress.

Watch the video to learn the details about waterproof hypoallergenic protectors as well as protection pillows.


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