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Children believe that they’re the ones to blame because they can’t be with their parents anymore, or they don’t love their parents. Find out what your kids think or are worried about. Do everything you can to calm them not just with words but also with actions.

Don’t be afraid to reach out: As parents, you might be worried about how the transition could affect your kids and you may want to encourage them to talk about their feelings or experiences. It is important to remember that every child reacts to and uniquely processes divorce.

A few may share their feelings freely, while others withdraw. Certain kids are able to adjust to their new surroundings, while others may struggle. You will be able to decide how to talk to your children about divorce based on what you can predict about their reactions.

Although you might have good motives, forcing children to talk before they’re ready is dangerous. The best thing you can accomplish in this scenario is to:


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